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A userfriendly tool to prepare, save and send Jobs to Lasercutters

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a userfriendy, platform-independent tool for preparing, saving and sending jobs to Lasercutters.

VisiCut started as part of a Bachelor's Thesis by Thomas Oster, supervised by René Bohne. As an open-source project with many contributors, it grew to be loved by many FabLabs and Hackerspaces, who often prefer it to the original manufacturers' software, or use it for custom-built machines for which there is no official software.




Documentation can be found in the Wiki. We intended to make VisiCut as intuitive and self explanatory as possible, but it would be very nice to have more documentation and tutorials. We would appreciate any help on creating a good documentation so please feel free to improve and extend it.

Feedback, Contact and Feature Requests

The Application crashed, did not do what it should or did not start at all? Please report this on after checking if it isn’t already reported, so we can fix it and improve the Software.


You can find the Visicut community at : 

Compiling and Hacking


For controlling Lasercutters, VisiCut uses LibLaserCut. The sources can be found here:

Feel free to create your own, personal Lasercutter Applications


For the camera preview, the camera position needs to be calibrated, which can be done in VisiCut itself. However, if your camera is not rigidly fixed to your lasercutter and can slightly move, you can use VisiCam to automatically calibrate the image based on markers attached to the lasercutter bed. More information can be found in the VisiCam Wiki.